Learning to learn

After finishing undergraduate university studies I have tried to summarise here a few things that I learned may be useful respective of self discipline, organisation and effeciency.

Note taking:

This has always been something I have struggled with, whatever system I try I struggle to retain or organise the information when I read it back, I came quite close using LaTeX and an overly complex contents systems with sections and such however I still spent a long time reading through a massive document towards the end or during a module.

One method I have come across is known as Zettelkasten, according to wikipedia it means: “The zettelkasten (German: “slip box”) is a knowledge management and note-taking method used in research and study.”

You can view more information on tools and software here, I believe you can even do it in paper form


the eventual idea, I believe with programming and such always comes problem solving, so having a decent way to link and cross reference information together on a massive scale is what I am usually always aiming for however it is not an easy thing to achieve, it can often end up becoming time consuming.

Understanding and becoming unstuck

Generally I try and never give up and something even if I get stuck I try and find out how to become unstuck, the best most effective method I have found for this is not being afraid to ask for help. Secondly I have come across two articles and one method as below which prove useful for such situations in terms of understanding and problem solving:




Procrastination and achieving an ideal state for effective self-discipline

Procrastination is always a tough one. I find many different people have many different ways of stopping themselves falling into this trap, so to speak.

Three methods I have found to be pretty solid are; first, martial arts, although I don't actively practise any martial art at present, I have done so in the past when very young, a lot of the ideas and such these martial arts are usually based around usually inhibit strongly around self-discipline principles. I sometimes like to read books on martial arts, philosophy ones and practical ones even though I don't plan to do it, they often contain a good perspective on challenging yourself and how to overcome difficulties and such.

Secondly blocking distractions, I don't find myself getting easily distracted a lot of the time but I have found the most effective software that actually works is at:


Thirdly, I listen to this podcast from time to time, not only does it have some interesting stories on it, but some of them can inspire you to take action on things, usually he puts something difficult across like a scenario and explains how he dealt with the situation and such.