Game Development Log #4

Writing a camera can be difficult in Unity Game Engine. This is what I have been doing the past week, is literally fine tuning and coding a camera, I think it is my need for perfection and ultra smoothness in how the camera moves is what takes me so long to finish this part of my game. As to which my game is a 4x / strategy / simulation type of game. I will post more screenshots and videos etc... of it when I have made significant progress on this game. This game will be similar to Stellaris in terms of play style but designed and plays completely differently. Additionally the week before the one just gone I was working on my 3D modelling skills which are slowly becoming better. I hope with time I get faster and faster at this because it used to take me days just to do basic objects, but now I am creating fully fledged spaceships with internals, still takes me a while though, but as I learn the software I become faster and faster at it.